Blogging the BSFA Award Shortlists – Novel

My grand plan was that I would read and write about all the nominations for the best novel category in the BSFA awards. So far I have read them all and blogged about two! However, blogging about the rest will have to wait until I’m a little less busy generally (and I still have the Clarke Award nominations to get through). But I can say how I will be voting.

1 – Ian McDonald for The Dervish House
2 – Lauren Beukes for Zoo City
3 – Paolo Bacigalupi for The Wind-Up Girl
4 – Tricia Sullivan for Lightborn
5 – Ken Macleod for The Restoration Game

And this will, I think, be the first time I have ever voted in the BSFA Awards having read or examined every single nomination. I’m beginning to feel as though I might be a grown-up!