Being Quiet

I continue to be rather quiet at present. Sometimes the thinking takes precdence over the writing, and it seems to be one of those times. However, I haven’t been entirely idle. Or rather, people have been busy on my behalf.

The British Science Fiction Association has just brought out a chapbook of some of my past critical writing. It’s my first book and I am thrilled by it. Thanks go to the people who put the idea to the BSFA in the first place, to the BSFA for agreeing to publish it, to Jonathan McCalmont for making the selection of material, and to Martin McGrath for making it look so beautiful. And of course to Paul Kincaid for encouraging me to start writing reviews and criticism twenty-seven years ago.

And on the same day that the BSFA mailing arrived, Interzone #235 also hit the mat, with my name on the cover because of my interview with Lisa Goldstein. Momentarily, I felt famous.

Mercifully for all concerned, life’s back to normal, mopping up cat vomit and doing the supermarket run. And getting some more writing done.