Reputedly said by Pablo Picasso, and attributed to him all over the internet, with commendable consistency but a complete lack of context, this comment seems to have already achieved what I can only think of as tea-towel status. It’s a nice thing to say, or to turn into ‘art’ itself, or to use as an inspirational quote at the head of your blog, etc. but what exactly does it mean?

Or, rather, am I the only person who looks at this and thinks, no, the dust of everyday life is part of what makes art, and,  is the function of art really to act as some sort of universal cleanser, to make everything nice

Because, really, that is not at all how I see art.

Surely it is not merely some sort of anodyne for life.


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  1. Alex

    Art is sugar in the tea, the thing that makes life worth living, It's basically what separates us from the animals: the ability to create culture out of mere sensation. If we have any reason to be sentient, it is undoubtedly this. God is art.

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