Trade Tokens – week ending 12-02-2012

A couple more pieces on Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s love letter to early film:
Ed Vulliamy on Brian Selznick, author and illustrator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret and some accompanying film stills and book illustrations.

The first six issues of Amazing Storiesmagazine (April-December 1926) are now available online, thanks to the Pulp Magazines Project. has just finished serialising Jack London’s The Red Plague and is planning to serialise H. Rider Haggard’s When the World Shook later in the year.

The death of John Christopher was announced this week. Obituaries by Christopher Priest in the Guardian and Paul Vitello in the New York Times.

And apropos of nothing in particular except that I happen to like it, a shout-out for Charles Tan’s daily listing of things of sf/fantasy interest: Bibliophile Stalker.

What if … London were like Venice? (How To Be A Retronaut)

The 2011 Kitschie Awards were announced last Sunday at the SFX Weekender. These were the finalists.