Night in the city looks pretty to me

I seem to have been accumulating links about cities for a while, so I’ve gathered them all up, and here they are.

Tired of London? Street Life in London 1876. Photos by John Thomson, courtesy of Spitalfields Life, via The Retronaut

I’m not sure why I am so preoccupied with Spitalfields but I suspect it stands in for the places I know better and have seen transformed, not always for the better, and that didn’t have a gentle author to chronicle their passing and their survival.

The photos of John Claridge, all via Spitalfields Life, one of my favourite websites.

Thames’ Docks

At The Salvation Army

A Few Diversions<

Signs, Posters, Typography and Art

Geoffrey Fletcher’s sketches of ‘Pavement Pounders’, via Spitalfields Life.

The Doors of Spitalfields via Spitalfields Life. The noble art of faking wood grain.

East End Shop Fronts of 1988 by Alan Dein, via Spitalfields Life

East End Shop Fronts Revisited by Alan Dein, via Spitalfields Life

Spitalfieldsby Philip Marriage, via Spitalfields Life

Central London, 1961 by Charles Cushman, via The Retronaut

Skateboarding in New York, 1960s I don’t remember seeing skateboarding in the UK until maybe the early 1980s so these 1960s shots are intriguing. The size and thickness of the skateboards themselves is a far cry from what is used now.

Manhattan 1921. A stunning short film by Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler. Manhatta

Ruin by Oddball Animation, via Kuriositas

City in the Sky, via Kuriositas