2012 Strange Horizons fund-raising drive

I don’t tend to support Kickstarter projects or fund-raising drives because I have little spare cash right now. In which case, if I do support something you’d better believe it’s because I see real value in the project.

In this instance,I’m supporting Strange Horizons, purveyors of fine fiction, poetry and critical writing, who are having their annual fund-drive

A disclaimer of a sort: SH are kind enough to let me review for them (I’ve been a bit dilatory about it lately – sorry). I take real pride in the fact I’ve had reviews published there.

This is a site that takes critical writing very, very seriously and gives reviewers the space to get really stuck into discussing fiction and non-fiction.

The fiction’s pretty damn good as well.

This is precisely the kind of project the sf and fantasy community ought to be supporting.

Go here to find out how to contribute and to read about all the cool incentives for contributing.

And if I haven’t been persuasive enough, here are ten more reasons for donating