Happy second birthday to Paper Knife!

Two years ago, I sat down to write a post about the BBC’s new adaptation of M.R. James’ ‘Oh Whistle And I’ll Come to You, My Lad’, or rather, the non-adaptation. Two years on, my Christmas presents included the BFI boxed set of M.R. James adaptations, with the 2010 version as an extra. Somehow, this blog never strays too far from James.

But along the way I’ve managed posts on a number of other topics, including a mammoth reading of the shortlisted books for the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the BSFA Award, all rolled together in The Shortlist Project, which now finds itself in turn on the nomination longlist for the BSFA Award for Non-fiction. I’m now waiting to see if it gathers enough nominations to make the shortlist. My fingernails are somewhat nibbled.

And so Paper Knife begins its third year of activity. I’ve no idea where it will be by 28th December 2013 but I’m looking forward to finding out.