Six weeks later …

Back on Shrove Tuesday, I decided to post every day during Lent. Not because I have a religious affiliation of any sort but because Lent provides a useful discipline for doing things, and this year I wanted to do something positive rather than giving something up. (I mostly find giving things up rather easy to do, and that doesn’t seem to be the point.) I didn’t say anything because I believe such projects should just be got on with. I’m not sure if anyone has actually noticed what I was doing.

I had hoped to write more in the way of original material but things conspired, as usual, so I instead mined my extensive archive of reviews. By that,  I mean everything I have as a computer file; there’s at least twice as much again in hard copy, which I discovered yesterday will have to be typed up by hand at some point as my scanner can’t copy with the poor print quality.

So, what did this exercise prove? Nothing, really, other than that I had a lot of reviews to put online, and I managed to republish one every day for six weeks. One article I wrote inexplicably caught the public fancy, and another review got a lot of attention when the author tweeted its location. That’s about it, really.

I’m hoping to keep to a more regular schedule of publishing material on Tuesdays and Fridays from here on, unless something is urgent. But we’ll see.