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Emptying the Inbox

A few links to keep you amused until the next “proper” post …

At last, a full video of Heartwood: Robert Holdstock and Telling the Matter of Britain, held at the British Library on 2nd September 2011, chaired by Graham Sleight, featuring Stephen Baxter, Donald E Morse, Lisa Tuttle and, standing in for Brian Aldiss at the very last moment (like thirty seconds before the event) Paul Kincaid.

The Los Angeles Review of Books is apparently bringing out one of its Digital Editions on Science Fiction. More information here but it looks interesting.

OMNI Magazine available online

Welcome to the Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction, a new online journal from the Eaton Collection at the University of California at Riverside.

Coelacanth genome sequenced – because coelacanths will never be anything but utterly cool.

Also recommended: Channel 4 documentary on the rediscovery of the coelacanth. I can’t describe how happy it made me to finally see film of a living coelacanth.