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Accessing the Future

There’s a new crowd-funding project on the block. To be co-edited by Kathryn Allan and Djibril al-Ayad, it’s an anthology called Accessing the Future, and it will

call for and publish speculative fiction stories that interrogate issues of dis/ability—along with the intersecting nodes of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, and class—in both the imagined physical and virtual spaces of the future.

The link to the project’s Indiegogo page is here. And as you will see, I’m offering forensic critiques on novellas (up to 40K) though I could be persuaded to look at several smaller pieces up to a total of 40K.

There are lots of other things going on to promote this project, including a short interview with Kathryn Allan at Fabio Fernandes’ blog, Different Frontiers.

There is also a blog hop underway, details of which are here,, with early entries by Jo Thomas and DavidG.

As Djibril says, ‘The “blog hop” is designed to get writers and readers thinking about ableism and body-privilege in the worlds they create/consume.’

This is a really great project. Please support it.