About Paper Knife

What is this blog for?

It’s for me to write about the books, films, podcasts, tv and radio programmes, and other cultural events that interest me. Mostly the books. And mostly the fantastical, because that’s mostly what I’m interested in.

What is your critical philosophy?

Excessive candour. Theorising. And discussing endings. Which means spoilers, for those who are concerned about such things.

I’ve lost interest in providing instant reactions to new novels, preferring to take the time to consider them in greater detail.

Does that mean you won’t help me promote my novel/short story/comic/film/website?

It does.

Nor do I participate in blog tours or giveaways. I don’t take articles by anyone else, unless I commissioned them myself and I definitely don’t take sponsored reviews. (And I certainly do not take articles with monetising links hidden in them.)

Who are you?

I am a critic. I contribute reviews to Foundation (and am also an Assistant Editor on the journal), Interzone and various other journals. I have also reviewed for Strange Horizons, and I am now their Senior Reviews Editor.

I am a copy-editor, proofreader, freelance writer and script doctor. I cover all kinds of fiction and non-fiction, as well as academic articles and theses. I fix prose. Contact me here if you want me to fix your prose. My fees are very reasonable. My work is thorough.

That Kincaid in your name … are you related to Paul Kincaid?

Not blood relations, but we have been partners for thirty-one years, and married for twenty-four.